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Community Manager

OwlNoctun roadmap

Q1 2022

  • OwlNoctun collection launch ✅
  • OwlNoctun reward program launch ✅
Q2 2022
  • Create a time lapse ✅
  • Roadmap✅
  • Launch of the OwlNoctun.com website
  • Social media +marketing
  • Create Discord Server

Q3 2022

  • OwlNoctun Merch 

Q4 2022

  • OwlNoctun “surprise”
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
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Q4 2022
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Reward System

Holder benefits:

  1. Passive income

(20% from total sales) will be distributed to holders evenly.

       2. Introduction of Owl Coin

1 Owl Coin given to holders weekly

(1 🦉 = 1 coin)

      3. Weekly giveaway

3️⃣ lucky owl holders get to win 1 Owl coin

2️⃣ lucky owl holders gets XPR

Owl Coin Utilities:

– Trading of Owl Coin
– 40 Owl Coins + (Drop price – 20%) or $600 for a custom 🦉
– More utilities will be added in future

The custom will be drawn with details that you choose so get creative!

Ways to obtain Owl Coin

Every buy from drop/raffle = 1 coins 

Every buy from auction = 2 coins

Every buy from second market = 1 coins

Every buy from collab = 5 coins


NFTs is an acronym for NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS

Non-Fungible in the sense that they are unique and cannot be interchanged like fungible assets such as Bitcoin. Let’s take for example if you exchange a Bitcoin to get another, nothing changes, you still get the same Bitcoin back — it’s the opposite in the case of NFTs.

We plan to list 200-300 owls

Once the NFT has been minted, the creator can list it on an NFT marketplace (for example, Protonmint, OpenSea or Rarible) for auction. Some NFT creators set up their own marketplace.

NFTs can be resold on secondary markets hosted by NFT marketplaces or by directly selling to a buyer by transferring between off-marketplace wallets. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain and due to this being a distributed ledger each transaction is ‘witnessed’ by all ledger participants. In this way, there is a clear record of ownership.

Non-fungible tokens can be used in investment opportunities. One can purchase an NFT and resell it at a profit. Certain NFT marketplaces let sellers of NFTs keep a percentage of the profits from sales of the assets they create